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Writer, Editor, Workshop Leader

The tabs in the header above will take you to      

  • My Workshops 

  • My Poetry, My Fiction, My Essays 

  • Writing Events -- These are other workshops, open mics and writing events that might interest you

  • Calls for Submissions & Contests  


Looking to publish in Literary Magazines? You can see by the list I have in the 'Calls for Submissions" tab that there are thousands to choose from.


I'm currently creating a database to make it easier to choose which magazines to submit to. If you would like access to that database, I charge $20 for a three month access.


I can also arrange a personal tutorial for up to 2 hours on how to organize your writing and submissions, how to use submittable, how to use the Google Sheets database, and organizing you tax receipts for writing expenditures for another $20. Contact me at or text me at 516-426-5940.

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